True Colors had a long track record of being one of the most popular pure mineral pigment brands in the world! With our history of having the highest quality pure pigments, we are proud to feature our newest collections. This product can be used for virtually every purpose in cosmetics. Mix it with our waterproof base to make it exercise-proof, waterproof and long-lasting. You can also mix it with clear nail polish to create your very own custom nail polish. You can do the same with lip-gloss to add a simple highlight to your lip color or an all over color. Take some hair gel and mix it with our pigments to create temporary hair color. For the shoulders and legs you can mix this product with lotion to make a custom bronzer/highlighter. Since you control the dosage you determine the color payoff each time!

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Love your product soo much

Thank you

Thank you enjoying as always!

Thank you love this product.

Love all your products ♥️

Love true color makeup ♥️

Love this makeup you can literally use it for your entire body,hair and face👍

Best makeup ever!

I love this stuff it goes on great, stays on you.can use it for eyes, cheeks, lips, hair, skin and it lasts forever ♥️

Very nice makeup

Best makeup

These are the most beautiful colors you can find. The versatility is amazing, I’ve used them as eyeshadow by itself, with their cream primer for intense color, eyeliner, and I made nail polish with them. They will never go bad, so you can use them forever.

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When will this be back in stock?


Fast shipping & got some extra to make up for the 8 stack that was doubled up. Thanks.

Beautiful colors

These shadows are so beautiful!! I love them!

Love it!

Thanks so much great as always!

I am in love with this product!

Dear True Color,
I want to promote your company and shout how much I love this product from the top of a mountain. so I have held onto my original eyeshadow from the late 90's (I know one shoudln't keep products for so long BUT this product stands the test of time) because I loved it so much. It's mineral makeup and I had my senior photos taken wearing this product ( ive been out of highschool for 20 yrs) i dropped in the sink the other mornig and I literally cried, thinking there goes 20 years down the drain. well I saved as much of it as i could and as i am putting the product back into the container I was thinking and luckily I could still read what the product was called and by who made it so I went to work and l;ogged on to your website and was pleasantly suprised and elated that this product still exists . This is such a quality product ( good enough to save for 20+ years) and The world needs to know how amazing you are!!! the powder eyeshadow just melts ontomy eyelids and it looks like its my skin. it stays all day and the color never loses it vibrance. quality, quality stuff, man. I do not want to live in a worild that does not have True Color eyeshadow. Thank you so much for still existing and for making a product that stands the test of time. I love you!!